Truth or fiction: is this legal?

We live in a society of laws. Speed limits and traffic rules regulate driving style. Criminal taboos on all the details: from setting up and embezzlement to assault and beatings, provide a regime, and viewing in everyday life in an unlimited society. It seems that personal injury laws are necessary to fill the pockets of doctors, lawyers and insurance companies, but most of them could be used to protect citizens and accidents.

But some laws just make you scratch your head . “Any fool can establish a principle, and even a fool will object to it,” henry david thoreau once said. An ardent abolitionist and sworn enemy of the tax collector, he certainly had in mind the slavery and excise laws. Stops for money for money like arcade games, fake wrestling and card dealing may have been less offensive to the author of “civil disobedience”, but therefore did not become less mysterious, and at a number of points even ridiculous.

It is possible to compile a list of the ten most archaic laws still in force. However, limiting the list to just 10 is a very difficult task. Read on to understand 10 more ancient, unnecessary, and slightly bizarre laws still found in literary works. )

Reset the pumps

Bulk shipment ban (images on sunday

Sales ban (cars on sunday

Beer and pretzels don’t go together

Vote fast or face the consequences

Don’t sell a toddler than 12 to the circus

No pinball

No “fake” wrestling

10: fried chicken etiquette

Chicken and popeye cookies were born and raised in the future orleans.The colonel roasted birds in kentucky.But georgians take their job as a battered delicacy perhaps more seriously than all the southern states. To be scooped up and eaten with one’s own hands.Peach state will enforce it.Technically.

An ordinance in gainesville, georgia, bans eating fried chicken by all means except by hand. A law passed in 1961 as a pr stunt to develop gainesville as a poultry beacon is still in effect. By the way, don’t be upset if you find yourself using household appliances to chop up a fried thigh in an urban environment. In 2009, a 91-year-old girl, she was “arrested” while eating fried chicken with a fork, was pardoned moments later by the mayor of gainesville under the conditions of a prank [source: jordan].

9: you don’t curse (in new orleans firefighters)

New orleans definitely treats its firefighters with respect. The characters who defy the fiery fire in big easy seem to be gray-haired, rough professionals, unfortunately in the middle of themselves they are characterized by feelings of a delicate flower. Especially when it comes to colorful language.

Section 74-2 of the new orleans city code states: “it is illegal and disruptive to public order to intentionally curse, insult, or use obscene or offensive language in terms of recalculation on any employee city fire department or the conversation is about him in the actual performance of his services. The law is still in effect today, in fact, in 1974 the us supreme court declared it unconstitutional [sources: code of practice, lewis v. New orleans]. Now we simply need to know what is meant by the phrase “offensive”. Josie wales will be over-regulated. However, carmel, california, where clint eastwood was mayor from 1986 to 1988, has a number of unusual laws, including a strict ban on high heels. That’s right, shoes with heels more than 2 inches (5 cm) high or with a base less than 1 square inch are the slippers in a monterey scenic retreat. A strict ban on pumps was put in place to limit the locality’s liability for accidents involving trips and falls by people crossing the rough streets of carmel on high heels. This is hardly often followed – after which you will get free admission to high heels at city hall [source: grischy].

7: no trading (cards on sunday

There are a fair amount of stupid laws in the us that govern what you can and what useful thing you shouldn’t do on sunday, generally considered a reflection of the puritan roots of the nation.Liquor stops and the chick-fil-a rule against businesses opening on saturday) are recognized in many cities and the united states, but these are not the only sobering sunday bans that the fun police are still watching.

For example, in alabama it is considered a crime “violation of public life and morals” to engage in a whole host of incarnations on sundays, including a game of slots. Shooting, hunting, gambling and racing are also prohibited and result in fines ranging from 10 to 100 percent dollars. Even worse, anyone can be sent to prison or sentenced to hard labor for a period of no more than three months for each of these “immoral” acts [source: justia].

6: sunday (cars) not traded

Maineers are haunted by lobsters, black bears and an optimistic winter morning. People don’t much like scammers who sell cars on sundays.

Under section 17, section 3203 of the state code, buying cars and other cars on sundays is strictly prohibited. Violation of the law is illegal, punishable by imprisonment for a period of about 6 months and a fine in the form of a piece of usd of america, and in addition, the deprivation of a car dealer’s license. The law isn’t just limited to the guys at mcgillicuddy’s mazda & subaru barn, by the way. This applies to any person who is in the business of buying, selling, exchanging, or trading in a new or used car on a holiday [source: maine revised statutes]. Surprisingly, many auto dealers are in favor of the ban as it gives them a respite from the cutthroat competition [source: newman].

Avid outdoor enthusiasts, legislators in pine tree state are making an exception. For the sale of motorhomes, which are perfectly legal seven days a week [source: maine revised charter].

5: beer and pretzels don’t mix

It is generally accepted among many regulars that our creator brewed beer on the seventh day, and added pretzels on the eighth. However, the good people of north dakota did not receive this note. Sure, bars and restaurants here can serve foam and pretzels, but not both at the same time, according to a strange state law. Perhaps the deep and almost unquenchable thirst caused by a bag of sourdough made one patron overdo stroh’s light. Maybe the state is deficient in carbohydrates and sodium. Whatever the reason, don’t expect the next time you’re barking in fargo to enjoy a cold beer with a pack of rold gold [sources: cosme, rothschild].

4: vote quickly or face the consequences

People tend to move more slowly south. Call it a lifestyle choice, a means of dealing with the boiling southern sun, or simply an innate inability to move faster than “a leisurely amble.” The fact remains that people approach life in their own sweet time below the mason-dixon line. That’s why alabama’s speeding up law sticks out like a hot dog at a hamburger party.

When voting in alabama, there’s no time to stop and smell the roses. State law requires voters to vote within five minutes of entering a voting booth. In force since 1961 (before sweeping federal civil rights legislation such as the voting rights act), the law requires violators to be expelled from the polls. Voters who need help can get extra time, but it’s probably a good idea to form your opinion on this hotly contested county board of animal control race before entering the booth [source: alabama code; civil rights lawyers committee].

3: don’t sell a child under 12 to a circus

But one day little johnny turns big 1-3, feel free to send him to a career as a trapeze swinger or carnival barker. The list of professions for which parents cannot rent their minor children aged 12 and under in georgia include gymnast, acrobat, circus rider and acrobat, as well as clown and tightrope walker. Why these particular professions—as opposed to, say, chimney sweep, alligator trainer, or sidewalk advertising owner—have been identified as particularly inappropriate for young children is unclear. Perhaps in the old days it was a common way to get rid of some unwanted children.

At any rate, the consequences of breaking this law are well known: a misdemeanor conviction can result in a year in prison and a fine of up to $1,000 [source: georgia code, georgia criminal procedure code].

2: no pinball

Among society’s many diseases are methamphetamine, violent firearms, nickelback – pinball is probably not at the top of most people’s lists.That hasn’t stopped beacon, new york lawmakers from banning the once-popular arcade game within the city.

Beacon isn’t the first place where pinball has been outlawed. In a number of major cities, the game was banned until the 70s, and officials claimed that pinball was connected to the activities of the mafia, not to mention sucking time and money out of american youth (something like billiards in the musician). However, unlike some of the other items on this list, not only is the law against pinball still in effect, it is being enforced. In 2010, the city forced the retro arcade museum to close its doors, citing a pinball ban and the threat of a $1,000 a day fine [source: frauenfelder].

1: no “fake”. Wrestling

When randy “macho” savage crushed ricky “the dragon” steamboat’s throat with a timekeeper’s bell during the 1987 intercontinental championship fight, it certainly looked believable. The “blood” that hulk hogan spilled in the ring in the legendary 2005 summer slam while beating shawn michaels also looked legit as hell. However, even diehard wrestling fans know at heart that the thunderous leg drops, grueling slip grabs and the soap opera style shenanigans that take place inside the square circle are staged.

Suspicion can be confirmed, thanks. To louisiana law. The “sport” of professional wrestling was illegal within the state under a law banning boxing and wrestling competitions that are “sham or fake competitions or exhibitions”. A law passed in 1974 was amended to exempt professional wrestling from a ban in 2007 [source: la legal].

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