Dominic West parties at The Crown's wrap party

Dominic West was the last man standing when he attended ‘s wrap party for the sixth and final series at Natural History Museum on Sunday night. 

The actor, 53, who plays King Charles in the latest series, appeared to be the life and soul of the party, pulling funny faces as he hung out outside the venue. 

Suited Dominic partied with his actress daughter Martha, 25, who he was seen escorting outside as she left the event before he did. If you liked this report and EVDen EVE NakliYAt you would like to obtain extra details about eVDEn eVe nAKLiYAt kindly stop by our web-page.  

The pair both starred together in TV mini series, The Pursuit Of Love. 

In true showbiz form, Dominic was pictured heading back into the venue where he partied until the end at 3,30am.

Last man standing!

Dominic West pulled funny faces at The Crown’s wrap party at the Natural History Museum, before being kicked out with the remaining cast at 3.30am

Ever the gent: While there, he also escorted daughter Martha, 25, out of the building, as she left earlier, before partying into the early hours 

In high spirits: Dominic and his daughter appear to have a lovely relationship

A source told MailOnline, the remaining cast-members were asked to leave as the event came to a close. 

They were in good company on the night because Imelda Staunton, eVDEn evE nakliYAt who plays the Queen, was seen leaving via an Uber and was seen to her car by Jonathan Pryce – who plays Prince Philip. 

Made in Chelsea’s Willow Day was also in attendance with a male companion/.

Alex Jennings, who played the Duke of Windsor eVdEn evE NaKLiYaT was also seen arriving with his partner. 

On Friday, Dominic and Olivia Williams were seen letting their hair down with their fellow The Crown cast members as they finally wrapping filming on the Netflix show.

Dominic was joined by his co-star Olivia, 54, who is playing his on-screen wife Queen Camilla, as they larked around after finishing filming

Netflix bosses ended filming on a high as they shot the wedding of the King and Queen in Rochester, with crowds of extras gathering for the jovial scenes.

The royal couple married in a civil ceremony on April 9, 2005 at Windsor Guildhall which was followed by a blessing at St George’s Chapel.

After filming the historic scenes, Olivia was seen dancing with a huge crowd of her cast members as a live band played to celebrate wrapping up filming.

The cast cheered and appeared very emotional as they commemorated filming the final ever scenes for the Netflix show, which will end after its upcoming sixth series.

The cast had spent the day filming King Charles and Queen Camilla’s civil ceremony in Rochester, which took place 18 years ago

It is understood Charles and Camilla’s nuptials will be portrayed in a positive way, with some working on the show hoping it will mean the public will be left with a ‘warm and happy’ feeling rather than outraged over how Princess Diana’s death, at the age of 36, was depicted.

The King And I: Dominic was seen letting his hair down with his fellow The Crown cast members as they finally finished wrapping up filming on the Netflix show on Friday

Steady on: It looked like things got a little wild on the night as the rest of the cast and crew were pictured leaving

All partied out?

A few members of the cast and crew appeared a little worse for wear as they sat slumped outside the iconic London museum 

Loving life: Dominic looked a little worse for wear as he stood with his shirt a little untucked outside the venue

Have a look at this: He seemed to be showing his daughter something funny on his phone

Howling: Dominic was pictured making everybody laugh throughout the night 

Proud dad: Dominic looked thrilled to be able to share his success with his only daughter 

And she’s off!

Martha looked jubilant as she left the party ahead of her father 

A source close to Netflix told the Mail this week: ‘For some months it has felt like the show has been goading the public by ghoulishly telling the story of Diana’s death in a heartless way, therefore causing upset to Princes William and Harry needlessly.

‘So the decision to end it so nicely, Netflix hope, will change the perception that they want to be callous, they hope it will remove the bad taste from viewers’ mouths.

‘Charles and Camilla’s wedding will be a true celebration and a really happy moment in the history of the monarchy.

It also fits nicely into the King’s Coronation year.

Elizabeth Debicki will once again appear as Princess Diana in the build-up to her death.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of The Crown’s final series later this year, with the show already courting controversy as it plans to depict the tragic death of Princess Diana.

Exciting: It is understood Charles and Camilla’s nuptials will be portrayed in a positive way, with some working on the show hoping it will mean the public will be left with a ‘warm and evdEn eVE NAkLiYAt happy’ feeling

Life and soul: Dominic had everyone throwing their heads back in laughter 

Back on track: Gillian Anderson and The Crown creator Peter Morgan make the relationship public as they head to The Crown party 

See you!

Imelda Staunton, who plays Queen Elizabeth II gave a kiss goodbye to her oncreen husband Jonathan Pryce, who plays Prince Philip