Unseen WWII Photographs Reveal Final Moments Of Doomed Bomber

The Reconnaissance Corps airman, who was born in Notting Hill, west London, in 1916, took numerous dramatic snaps during the conflict which he saved hold of after the struggle. The archive handed into the arms of his nephew, a retired engineer from Devon, who is now promoting it with Plymouth Public sale Rooms. One startling air-to-air photo reveals a B17 Flying Fortress bomber upside down with certainly one of its wings shorn off because it plunges to the bottom. And there is an incredible image of a Hawker Tempest fighter aircraft chasing after a German V1 flying bomb earlier than trying to knock it off course and shoot it down. Another picture exhibits the outcomes of a mass bombing raid on a German refinery at Ploesti in Romania. A selected favorite of mine is the photograph of a Tempest chasing after a German V1 bomb. The Allies and Germans agreed that the city of Rome was too vital to bomb. The monumental four-month battle saw the Allies launch four assaults towards the Gustav Line in Italy held by Axis forces as they sought the breakthrough to clear the path to Rome.

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