Virtual Reality and Pornography: An X-rated Debate

In 2003, Nielsen credited grownup content and file-sharing providers (on the time, largely music) because the driving power behind broadband adoption in Europe. VR manufacturing is still too difficult and expensive for amateurs and quick-and-dirty content farms. Now, when the battle over Betmax and VHS was going strong, the porn business was nonetheless in its nascent levels. The porn industry won’t ever again attain the absurd heights it did from the mid-’90s to the mid-aughts, when budgets for top-profile adult movies measured in the a whole lot of hundreds or, occasionally, the millions. Will our basest needs drive adoption as they’ve with previous mediums? I do not doubt that broadband adoption may have been spurred on by porn, but it also modified the medium itself. There isn’t a “Deep Throat” for the web technology, and in order for consumers to purchase into what might be a very expensive and high-friction experience, they’re going to need to see one thing new and spectacular. If you want to check the 2, we will find yourself going down a privilege-and-entry rabbit hole, and that’s an entirely completely different argument.