Intercourse at CES: An Uncomfortable Coupling

From 1998 to 2011, the Adult Entertainment Expo ran concurrently with CES, giving porn a devoted platform and tech executives an X-rated escape. He’d not too long ago graduated from Temple College with a degree in journalism, and as an employee of an early video retailer, noticed a rising demand for adult films. Quickly after publishing the first subject, Fishbein began receiving subscription requests from neighborhood video shops across the United States. After years of being on the outskirts of CES, AVN’s prospects started pushing for a stand-alone tradeshow. Like a fuck buddy who says he loves you when you are banging, but hides you from his associates, CES never absolutely acknowledged its relationship with the sex business. People really feel uncomfortable about intercourse. A line of eager CES attendees trailed behind her, waiting to cheese it up along with her butt. CES attendees had been given free entrance to AEE, providing a captive, sex-hungry audience for the porn industry and the opportunity for large enterprise deals.